ANAHEIM, CA – The Support Our Anaheim Resort District Political Action Committee (S.O.A.R PAC) has announced its endorsement of Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District. During his tenure as Anaheim Mayor, from 1992-2002, Daly was a lead advocate for the creation of the Anaheim Resort District. To date, he remains a strong supporter and continues to recognize the value of the Anaheim Resort District. The Anaheim Resort District represents less than 5 percent of Anaheim’s land, and generates 50 percent of the City’s tax revenue.

“We are thrilled to endorse Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District” said Jill Kanzler, S.O.A.R. PAC. “He has a proven record as a local leader who will continue to fight for sound policies that foster job creation and a business-friendly environment. He shares our passion to make Anaheim and the rest of Orange County the best it can be, as one of the world’s top tourism destinations. Few elected officials have shown as much support for the Anaheim Resort District and we are confident that he is the only candidate who will continue to be a strong business voice in Sacramento,” concluded Kanzler.

S.O.A.R. PAC is a political action committee that supports pro-business, pro-resort candidates.

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